Toner refill instructions

This site contains illustrated instructions on how to refill over 5,400 laser, photocopier, and plain paper fax toner cartridges. By following these toner refill instructions you typically save between $70-$300 depending on your cartridge.

You can find the general toner refill instructions below. But these serve only as a rough guideline and you should refer to your specific cartridge refill instructions when refilling your cartridge:

General Refill Instructions

1)    Turn sealed bottle of toner upside down. Tap funnel cap. Turn cartridge right-side-up and tap the bottom of the bottle against a counter top.

2)    Tilt cartridge at an angle to gain access to the filling hole.

3)    Insert funnel cap into filling hole. Pour toner into cartridge. Note: If toner does not flow easily into cartridge, repeat step 1.

4)    Incase of premature cartridge failure, only fill your cartridge 1/3 to 1/2 its capacity.

Seal filling hole with duct tape. Gently shake the cartridge from side to side


FHS    Flat Head Screwdriver

HMT    Hole Making Tool

PHS    Philips Screwdriver

Hole Making Tool Instructions

1)    Place the metallic portion of the HMT on its stand

2)    Plug the HMT into the wall outlet. Allow 3 minutes for the tool to heat up. Caution : HOT!!!

3)    Refer to your instruction diagram for location of filling hole. Note : Measurements shown on your diagram are from the center of the hole.

4)    Place the HMT bit against the proper area on your toner hopper. Gently push the bit forward thus melting through the hopper.

Place HMT bit on its stand. Allow sufficient time to pass for the bit to cool down. Note : (At your discretion) When the HMT has cooled down, remove debris from the hopper or from the bit (if applicable).

Tips for using Toner Developer

Note : Adding developer onto your cartridge’s magnetic roller is similar to pouring mustard on a hotdog. Applying less developer is better than applying too much developer.

Pour a thin bead of developer across the length of the magnetic roller.

Rotate the roller counter-clockwise (to spread the developer across the magnetic roller ) then print a sample.

If the printer takes a while to “warm up,” then try adding a little more developer. This time, rotating the magnetic roller clockwise. Note : When finished, the magnetic roller will be “bald” in some areas. This is normal.


Waste Hopper Instructions

1)    Read HMT instructions.

2)     Make hole. See your instruction diagram for location of filling hole.

3)    (Over newspaper) Turn your cartridge upside down and dump out spent toner from the waste hopper. When the majority of the spent toner has been dumped out, seal the filling hole with duct tape


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