Smears or running toner on paper

Paper and toner work together. Here are some print quality issues that may arise if this relationship is not well attuned.

When toner does not settle on paper, and smears across the paper, don’t assume its a bad cartridge. Aftermarket toner does not always bond with all types of paper.

Chemicals on paper need to agree with the chemicals in toner in order to bond and create prints. When these two disagree, prints will have an unfinished touch or what some customers refer to as smears, or running ink.

This type of problem can easily be solved by suggesting they use a different type of paper. Keep in mind that regular plain paper will bond with nearly 99.9% of all toner/ink regardless if its OEM or aftermarket. But special paper like photo, bond, matte, etc., will not always work as expected. In these situations, we can suggest the customer use our paper which works well with aftermarket products, or for them to find a different brand/source.

Especially important for laser printer is that although changing paper can be a fix for some printers, it is not always the case for laser printers. Laser printers have a part called a fuser which heats the toner to bind it to the paper. If this part is malfunctioning, the toner will not bond to paper, and thus the customer would need to replace the fuser by calling the manufacturer or a local printer technician.

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