SAMSUNG TD55K Refill Instructions

Kit          6

Gram      150

Tools     cartridge hole making tool, Replacement Chip Needed



    Turn the sealed bottle of toner upside down.
    Tap the funnel cap.
    Turn the TD55K cartridge right-side-up and tap the bottom of the bottle against a counter top.

    Then, tilt the SAMSUNG printer cartridge at an angle to gain access to the filling hole created as suggested by the diagram.

    You can now safely insert the funnel cap into the filling hole and start pouring toner into the printer cartridge.
    In case toner does not flow easily into the cartridge repeat from the beginning.

    If you believe your cartridge may have been reused a lot or there is some sort of premature cartridge failure you should only fill your cartridge from 1/3 to 1/2 of its capacity at most.

    Now seal the filling hole with duct tape.

    Finally, gently shake the cartridge from side to side

2.      Make hole (see diagram).


Please Note : Before this cartridge can be reused, you will need to remove the

end cap and replace the fuse located underneath the end cap of the toner cartridge.



To remove the end cap

1.      Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the three screws (see diagram).

2.      Disengage the arm which holds the drum shutter in place. The arm is held in place by a small pin located on the end of a short post. Rotate the drum shutter (be careful not to touch the photo optic drum) as shown, so the arm can be lifted up and off of the end cap.

3.      Refer to diagram showing the end cap notch (which the pin moves to release the arm). With the pin and arm disengaged from the side of the cartridge, carefully wiggle the end cap up and off of the toner


4.      Press down on the fuse from the top side of the end cap.

5.      Using a small flat head screwdriver, carefully but firmly push down on one end of the fuse to loosen it from the end cap. Turn the end cap over and remove the fuse the rest of the way.

6.      Firmly press the new fuse down until it snaps into place.

7.      Lower the end cap back down onto the side of the toner cartridge. Reinsert the drum shutter arm post, lining up the small pin on the post so the post may be gently pushed into the hole and rotate freely.

8.      With the drum shutter back in place, replace the three small screws. Note : Do not over tighten the screws.



This cartridge may also be known as TD 55K or TD-55K or TD-55K or samsung-td-55k .

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