OCE 6127

Printer OCE 6127 Refill Instructions

Kit          1

Gram      250

Tools     cartridge hole making tool


    • Turn the sealed bottle of toner upside down.
      Tap the funnel cap.
      Turn the OCE 6127 cartridge right-side-up and tap the bottom of the bottle against a counter top.

      Then, tilt the printer cartridge at an angle to gain access to the filling hole created as suggested by the diagram.

      You can now safely insert the funnel cap into the filling hole and start pouring toner into the laser OCE printer cartridge.
      In case toner does not flow easily into the cartridge repeat from the beginning.

      If you believe your cartridge may have been reused a lot or there is some sort of premature cartridge failure you should only fill your cartridge from 1/3 to 1/2 of its capacity at most.

      Now seal the filling hole with duct tape.

      Finally, gently shake the cartridge from side to side

  1. Make hole (see diagram). Note : Please be aware that you will be putting the hole not only in the cover, but in the top of the internal cover as well.

The laser printer OCE 6127 has the apple-m6002 apple-m2795g-a savin-339302 hp-92295a hp-92295q cartridges.

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